“Driven by our Vision, we build on our experiences in the past, to innovate and collaborate in the present, to take advantage of the opportunities in the future.

“Chin Seng Hin is a trusted Singapore-grown distributor in
the automotive industry operating since 1929.


To progress as a business that is competitive on the global stage, creating value for all stakeholders through our core values of Safety, Integrity and Quality.


Our goal is to be, and to be recognized, as Singapore’s most professional distributor through the provision of the finest quality products that ensure safety and quality. We want to build value for our customers and partners while being driven by continuous improvement and the establishment of trust in everything we do.

Company Background

Chin Seng Hin (Private) Limited was founded in 1927 as a humble bicycle shop at Rochor Canal. The idea was simple – to run an honest business providing accessories and spare parts for bicycles. It was a success, and since then the business has steadily grown and flourished over the years.

In 1965, Chin Seng Hin (Private) Limited was officially incorporated in Singapore. Fully aware of our strengths as a trustworthy partner with extensive experience and knowledge in the transport industry, we have worked with many international brands to distribute their goods within Singapore over the years. Locally, we have worked and partnered with many businesses to supply them with speciality goods and services.

Today, the Company has transformed itself from its traditional roots to a modern enterprise, keeping ahead of the ever-changing business landscape and meeting the challenges of the market. Chin Seng Hin (Private) Limited is the official distributor for the Michelin brand in Singapore, as well as other reputable international brands.

Driven by our Vision, we build on our experiences in the past, to innovate and collaborate in the present, to take advantage of the opportunities in the future.


Based in Singapore, the heart of Asia, we are able to benefit from the strategic geological positioning of the country. On top of being an important logistics hub to the region, Singapore is also the regional transport hub with more than 100,000 people arriving and departing daily. As a business situated in Singapore, we are able capitalize on our location to easily access the rest of the region from a single point.

Within Singapore, we manage and maintain our own fleet of service delivery vehicles, giving us control and flexibility of our distribution network. Our current distribution network spans the entire Singapore, and we capable of making multiple deliveries 6 days a week.

We are a business that wholly owns its own premises. We have constructed purpose-built warehouses to cater to our primary business of distribution and related tyre services. As our own landlords, we have complete control over our assets and operations, we are immune to the sways of the commercial real estate market and we also plant our belief of the long-term success of our business.

With over 89 years of continuous business experience, Chin Seng Hin is a business that is focused on the long-term. Testament to our dedication for long-term sustainability is our partnership with Michelin that has been going on for more than 47 years. Chin Seng Hin is run by professionally qualified and capable management, along with dedicated staff with extensive experience in their fields of specialization.